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Eye Care Charity Working to Prevent Blindness and Low-Vision - Seva Foundation

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Since 1978, Seva Foundation has been a leading innovator in the delivery of vital eye care services to the world's most vulnerable including women, children, and indigenous peoples.

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  • [H1] 4 out of 5 people who are blind don't have to be.
  • [H2] Add Seva's Stories & Events to your Inbox.
  • [H2] Celebrate the Holidays with Seva's Gifts of Sight.
  • [H2] Seva's Latest Stories & Events
  • [H2] Featured in
  • [H2] Don't miss out on more good news.
  • [H2] Your donation will restore sight and transform lives.
  • [H3] Restoring sight is one of the most cost-effective health interventions to reduce poverty.
  • [H3] “It feels miraculous to watch people regain their sight, but it's a miracle that we can all make happen. Seva Foundation, the Grand Prize Winner of this year's Holiday Impact Prize, is transforming people's lives for as little as $50 per cataract surgery.”
  • [H3] “Seva has given so much help to so many people for so many years – such a wonderful example of love in action.”
  • [H3] “Great news from my friend @NickKristof. The winner of his #HolidayImpactPrize is @Seva_Foundation for their decades of work restoring the sight of millions. Congratulations! And remember, doing good for others can also be good for your own health!”
  • [H3] “For 40 years Seva has made an extraordinary contribution to the world – not only through their international programs, but here in some of the most impoverished communities in North America, on Native American reservations. Thank you Seva.”
  • [H3] “Seva takes the impulse towards generosity and turns it into compassionate action that helps people in real need. I honor my friends and relations by giving to Seva in their name – the entire world benefits. I hope you'll join me.”
  • [H3] “Compassion and caring for people in need - that's simply a moral necessity. But it's not always easy to do. Seva makes it easy. They know how to put your donations to work in ways that truly benefit people.”
  • [H3] “I admire Seva's spirit of innovation. Seva is constantly looking for new ideas that can benefit the world, especially the poor, and they aren't afraid to try something that no one has ever tried before.”
  • [H3] “I congratulate Seva Foundation for the magnificent work they continue to do.”
  • [H3] “Seva has done an incredible job all over the world helping people who really need it. I am proud to be one of the many who followed Wavy and his friends down this particular yellow brick road.”
  • [H3] “Such dedication to others — how could you not love Seva and what they accomplish? Well done!”
  • [H4] “When the holiday season nears, I find happiness in the anticipation of sharing gifts with loved ones. In doing so, we remind ourselves of our continuing love for one another. My happiness is multiplied when I consider that a gift consciously selected could bring closer not only friends, but connect the larger human family as well.”
  • [H4] – RAM DASS, Seva Co-Founder
  • [H4] Seva's Impact Report
  • [H4] Brighter Guatemala
  • [H4] Grand Prize Winner: Seva Foundation
  • [H4] 90% of people with visual impairment live in developing countries.
  • [H4] 90% of all vision impairment can be cured or prevented.
  • [H4] Half of blindness is caused by cataracts that you can easily fix for only $50.
  • [H4] Sign up today and get life transforming stories and event announcements.
  • [H4] Follow Seva:
  • [H5] Share our vision
  • [H5] Share our vision


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